Tuition includes one class per week. Once enrolled, tuition is automatically processed at the beginning of each month unless you drop the class in your online account. There are no cancellation or registration fees so you can come and go as you need!

Class Descriptions

The Little Gym Nest offers a friendly environment for your child to explore, learn new skills and socialize with same-size peers. Our variety of classes—from infants only, to more advanced gymnastics tumblers—provide activities that strengthen your little one's physical abilities, as well as confidence.
Movers (crawling - 12mos)

As your child becomes vertical, a world of wonder is revealed. Now your child is on the move, climbing on everything in sight. This 45-minute class provides an environment to meet other new explorers, build strength and develop coordination.

Cruisers (12mos - 2yrs)

Embrace your little one’s independence in an environment where your child can climb, roam and explore. This 45-minute class will allow your child to practice in physical skills while focusing on listening, patience and following directions.

Bruisers (2yrs - 3.5yrs)

As the name suggests, inertia is in full force as these little balls of energy begin to move with reckless abandon. There is imaginative gameplay, parent-participation skill-building, wild rides, along with a continued emphasis on gross and fine motor skill development. This is a truly magical time to watch your child grow as their confidence soars and their coordination starts to catch up with what their mind wants them to accomplish.

Beginning Skill + Development (3.5yrs - 5yrs)

With greater independence comes the ability to participate without the parent! Relays, more complex games, and beginning tumbling skills lead to increased strength, enhanced manipulative ability, and improved hand-eye coordination during this class.

Intermediate Skill + Development (5yrs - 7yrs)

By this point, your child has been exposed to the fundamentals. Our task here is to further their progression. These classes are much more specific and customized for each tumbling skill such as cartwheels, bridge kickovers, and front walkovers. 

Forward Rolls

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