If you cannot make a class for any reason at all we will place a makeup token on your account!

Because our makeup policy is so flexible we ask that if you or your child are not feeling well or have been sick within the last 24 hours to please stay home and schedule a makeup class at a later date. Also, if any of your other children are home sick, please follow the same policy with them.

Thank you for helping us keep our families and coaches healthy as well as a clean facility!

What are Makeup Tokens?

Makeup tokens provide a way for you to book a makeup class. Your makeup token can be exchanged for a makeup type enrollment. Makeup tokens will never expire, however, make-up classes can only be scheduled if your child is currently enrolled in a class. Makeup classes cannot be used in place of the actual class. If you cancel for any reason, makeup classes become inactive and our system will not allow them to be scheduled until there is an active enrollment on your account.

How are Makeup Tokens earned?

Makeup tokens are generated automatically when your child is marked “absent” in a current class.

Where can I view my Makeup Tokens?

Once you’ve logged into our parent portal, you can see a list of available makeup tokens in the “Makeups” area for each student in your “My Account” section.

The closed dates listed below are not part of your billing cycle, and you do not have to schedule a makeup class for them:

Fall Break (Two days in November)
Winter Break (One week in December)